Based in Porto, Portugal, Gui is a multimedia artist working on different dimensions of the sensorial experience. They focus on nature and the human condition, expressed through the work's ethos and praxis. Lifestyle and artistic choices are thus, intimately connected with ecological awareness and concerns.

Fascinated by the multisensorial experience of space and time, transcendence, phenomenology and sensorial perception, recent artistic experimentation and research delved on the sense of smell. This resulted in the master's dissertation and performance Chasing the Fragrant Silence — Smell as a Medium for Artistic Creation premiered in Porto, Portugal, in May 2019.

Exhibitions and performances have taken place in festivals such as Semibreve (Braga), Orbits (São Gião, Oliveira do Hospital), Bons Sons (Cem Soldos, Tomar), among others.

They hold a MSc in Culture and Arts, from Universidade do Porto, a PgD in Creative Industries Management and a Ba in Sound and Image, both from Universidade Católica do Porto.

Currently, they can be found performing with The Lemon Lovers, Verbian, h0b0. Something is coming up with Teatro Universitário do Porto.