Based in Porto, Portugal, Flor is a multimedia artist delving on the sensorial experience.

They focus on nature and the human condition, expressed through the work's ethos and praxis. Lifestyle and artistic choices are thus, intimately connected with ecological awareness and concerns. Experient in the overlap of technology and art, they develop customized approaches for shows, performances and installations, creating curious and immersive environments.

Fascinated by the multisensorial experience of space and time, transcendence, phenomenology and sensorial perception, recent artistic experimentation and research delved on the sense of smell. This resulted in the master's dissertation and performance Chasing the Fragrant Silence — Smell as a Medium for Artistic Creation premiered in Porto, Portugal, in May 2019.

They hold a MSc in Culture and Arts, from Universidade do Porto, a PgD in Creative Industries Management and a Ba in Sound and Image, both from Universidade Católica do Porto.

As a light and video artist, they've created for The Lemon Lovers playing in festivals such as Bons Sons and Paredes de Coura, along with national and international dates. For Verbian, two music videos and projection for concerts was done. With h0b0 the collaboration is ongoing, with an audiovisual performance and an interactive web experience already premiered. For redoma, they've directed and programmed the music video for delírios mensais. Collaborates regularly with som flores, having presented an original audiovisual concert in Dias de Dança (2023, curated by Odete), co-creating the music, lights and visuals.

As a collective, they've set up the generative musical installation A Vague Sense of Presence at Semibreve 2018 in Braga. Individually, the generative visual installations Liquid Mountains and Untitled at Amplifest 2022 and 2023 respectively.

Contributed with olfactory, luminous and visual installations for Pedreira, in events such as Spa Adiós Problemas, Ecdysis (presented at the Waking Life festival), Roda de Samples with Trypas Corassão and Queimada do Adiós.

Collaborated with berru on various projects, writting for the Transforming Energy installation at Culturgest and for a catalogue to be published by the Catholic University of Porto. Contributed as well to the critical discussion and wrote a poem for Feeling Flora (Criatório 2022).

Also in the context of Criatório, they created Exercícios de Florescimento. Presented in 2023, it explored contemporary ecological and social concerns fabricating a world where the relationship between people-animals-plants-things-etc would be symbiotic and focused on community and resilience. With the participation of Rebeca Letras, Tiago Aires Lêdo and Tomás Paula Marques, this creation crossed ceramics, video and light installation, music, plant germination, politics and protest.

In 2021, they started the public petition Mais verde para a Charca de Salgueiros e Ribeira de Arca d'Água, to challenge the revision of the Porto City Council's Municipal Master Plan regarding a group of plots of land in the Arca d'Água area. During this phase, they joined other similar efforts in the city, taking part in demonstrations and in groups fighting the urbanisation, gentrification and rampant property speculation that is devastating the city. This initiative was revisited in 2024, in partnership with Daniel Sá, in the context of the Porto Municipal Gallery's Exodus project (Percurso Exodus para escolas, com Flor e Daniel Sá), discussing the role of art and intervention in the public and political space.


Flor has no social networks.

They promote the creation of personal websites as a liberation effort, helping friends develop their own platforms. This website is coded by them and permanently under construction.