o que vem depois da esperança? preview image

o que vem depois da esperança?

conference/performance in search of visibility, empowerment, belonging and representativity of TRANS* people in Portugal

chasing the fragrant silence preview image

chasing the fragrant silence

a reflection and performance on the sense of smell, informed by its cultural and ritual aspects.

h0b0 preview image


h0b0 is an experimental media, pop music collective.

a vague sense of presence preview image

a vague sense of presence

a generative sound installation — a glimpse at individuality, communion, friendship, and shared space and time.

orbits preview image


site-specific nature footage and found objects sculpture for a live video performance — presented at orbits music festival.

hic et nunc preview image

hic et nunc

installation inspired by Papa Francesco's encyclical letter on the ecopolitical state of the world.