a vague sense of presence

generative media,installation

Installation piece by COLECTIVO「大音量コンピューター」 premiered in 2018's edition of Semibreve, a multimedia festival in Braga, Portugal. It manifests the ideas of communion, shared spaces and time, and the art-friendship duality.

Nine different artists contribute with generative music/sound algorithms. Originally conceived independently, reflecting the particularities and desires of each creator, through the collaborative efforts, a new piece emerges. The collective arises via the multitude of the individualities and a shared goal. Multiple paths converge into a single point, a center.

A dialogue between individual and collective is initiated. As a collective, the parts make up the whole. Nine speakers manifest the nine intervenients. Together, they form the encircling sound. A space for communion and comtemplation emerges.

The final result is unique, a moment of 一期一会 — a vague sense of presence.

Although the generative nature can only be experienced with time and presence in the installation, the linear album version takes a glimpse into the created experience.

Viagem - Making of [a vague sense of presence ] from COLECTIVO 「大音量コンピューター」 — made and edited by Joana Rodrigues, Marcelo Sousa and Ivo Santos. Footage recorded during the setup and running of the installation. Like a de ja vu of the whole process, an overlap of textures and memories.

Official festival photos of the installation by Adriano Ferreira Borges — https://www.facebook.com/adrianoferreiraborgesfotovideo